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Origin was founded in 2006 by Bernard Pelletier, a Chemist and expert fire investigator. In 2008, Michel Pitre, an Electrical Engineer and experienced investigation expert of fire and incidents related to electricity joined the company, helping to broaden its offer with a wider range of services. With his addition, the company expanded by acquired offices in L’Ancienne-Lorette to accommodate the growing team and establish a workplace tailored to the company’s needs. Since its inception, the team at Origin has grown to better serve its many customers across Quebec and Canada.

Whether it is to settle a dispute or open a claim file after a disaster, each case entrusted to us deserves attention that goes beyond your expectations. That is why we provide you with:

  • Close collaboration
  • Our dedication to meet your needs
  • Professional work carried out by a team of experts with experience in the field
  • Obtaining findings quickly
  • Ability to act quickly and wherever our expertise is required

We invite you to read the sections on fire, electrical, mechanical, plastic and materials, and chemistry for more information about our areas of expertise.

Don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always available to discuss your specific needs about post disaster investigations or training.

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