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In our daily lives, we are surrounded by electrical equipment and devices that perform various tasks. Globalization has led some manufacturers to implement strict cost control standards, which in some cases may result in a decrease in product quality. The endless list of safety recalls reflects this unavoidable fact.

Electrical system failures can result in personal injury, property damage or production losses. Inevitably, this leads to significant compensation by insurers. These problems are most often related to a manufacturing defect or improper use.

At Origin, our experts’ electrical training and experience allow them to help you analyze these types of situations. If necessary, our electrical experts specializing in post disaster investigations can provide investigation support with further analysis and measures. This will establish, as precisely as possible, the nature of a fault of an electrical installation or other equipment powered by electricity.

Depending on the situation, an expert can inspect an electrical installation to verify its compliance.


There are many types of damages that result from problems related to electrical installations. Some include:

Equipment failures on the power grid in connection with production, transportation and electric power distribution:

  • Breakage, loss of production, damage due to lightning and other disturbances that occur in the power grid.
  • Problems related to work carried out on electrical installations by various professionals, such as electricians.
  • Electric shock or electrocution of a person working on electrical equipment.
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