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Whether it is following a fire, water damage, breakage or construction litigation, our team of civil engineers can help. In particular, our experts will determine the cause and extent of the damage, and carry out relevant analyses and structural verifications.

Our engineers are also able to analyze the standards and good practices applicable as well as the damage – or not – to buildings, for any type of case or claim.

Lastly, in construction litigation cases, our team of civil engineers will be able to analyze contractual documents, schedules, construction site meeting logs and reports as well as third-party claims.

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Very diversified, their achievements are mainly spread out into the following fields of expertise:

  • damaged buildings,
  • construction (residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural),
  • civil engineering works, plumbing as well as fire protection systems (firewalls, partition walls, compliance, etc.).

The analysis of the causes of structural failures (ex : concrete foundations) and the slumping of building structures obviously constitute an appreciable part of our engineers’ expertise.

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